Saturday, September 12, 2009

HIZ Update

The Harding In Zambia group has been here only a week, but they have packed many experiences into that week.

Their classes have started, and they are learning the Chitonga language and the history and customs of Zambia from GBCC lecturers.

Some HIZ students are working at the Namwianga Clinic and others are caring for babies and toddlers at the Haven orphanage.

Harding students attended chapel with the GBCC students this week and have begun making friends with GBCC students.

They attended a Wednesday night Bible study with the Wasawange congregation, and then David took them up to the meadow for some serious star gazing.

A stomach virus swept through the group on Wednesday and Thursday, but by Friday everyone was well again.

On Thursday they had their first traditional Zambian meal of nshima, chicken, cabbage, and soup. A few were brave enough to eat with their hands Zambian style.

Friday night we had singing and refreshments with the Extreme Team (see last week's blog) at their house.

Tonight the GBCC students are hosting an event to welcome the HIZ students.

Tomorrow we will attend church here at Namwianga in the morning. In the afternoon we are all invited to a wedding and reception for a GBCC administrator's daughter.

David and I feel truly blessed to spend time with these wonderful students!

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