Friday, September 04, 2009

HIZ Greeting

The Extreme Team (see previous blog) organized the neighborhood children, mission staff, and Haven toddlers to welcome the Harding in Zambia students on their arrival. The children are holding a sign that says "Mwapona Harding" (Welcome). We also sang several songs in Tonga--a traditional greeting activity in the villages.

Shown above are the Harding students during the welcoming activities.

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Texas Cookie Jar said...

David and Linda, thank you for the pictures of the HIZ team arriving -- I spotted Ross and Nita. I read your blog and then pray for you and the people you touch there in Zambi. Hope your lip is healing. I did something similar preparing for a VBS only my incident involved rows of chairs and setting up a marketplace. Word got out that I had to spend the night in the ER when in reality I went to an urgent care and got 2 stitches and then returned to the church building.
blessings! Becky and the rest of the Cochrans