Saturday, September 12, 2009

The People at My Door - Choolwe

Choolwe was one of the first sponsored students I worked with when we arrived in 2005. He graduated from high school that year and then was a student of mine the following year in the business school. Choolwe was part of the group that recorded the Namwianga Sings! CD in 2006, and he went on several outreaches with us. He was always an impressive young man.

Now he is in his third year at Copperbelt University where he is studying electrical engineering. While he was home for a break, he came to see me. He described his current situation and the competitive nature of his program. There are nine students in his engineering class, and only four of those have earned their way--the others are placed there by their employers.

I asked Choolwe if he felt he was well prepared by his time at Namwianga. Without hesitation he answered yes, specifically pointing out how much the spiritual background he received at Namwianga has helped him face the temptations of college life.

It was a blessing to see how God is at work in this fine young man's life, and I know there are great things in store for him in the years ahead.

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