Thursday, September 24, 2009

HIZ - Update

Sunday Rodgers Namuswa took us and the Harding University group on an outreach to Kauwe. The students got to experience a real bone-jarring Zambian bush road on the almost two-hour journey. HIZ student Daniel led the meditation at the Lord's Supper, and Logan preached. Both did excellent jobs and had the attention and enthusiastic interest of the congregation--evident by the "Um-hmms" and nods of the Zambians.

Some of the Harding students taught the Kauwe children's Bible class.

The entire HIZ group sang for the congregation after the service.

We exited the building and gathered in a circle for the traditional custom of shaking every member's hand.

The Kauwe congregation prepared nshima and chicken for our lunch. The guy in the middle is holding the chicken that will soon become dinner.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you can post pictures again to your blog!

Elaine Kelly