Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Destroyers

Our special little guys, Jason and George, live at the Eric's House orphanage with Roy and Kathi Merritt and a bunch of other kids from toddlers to teens. Roy Merritt recently sent out these photos and descriptions of the youngest little ones at Eric's House. Enjoy!

Roy Merritt writes:

We do keep a few toddlers here—The Destroyers. (Shudder)

They look cute, don’t they?

Jason George and Kevin – don’t they look drooly and harmless?

And yet –

These bombers are the most destructive weapons known to humankind.


This kid is four years old and a chatterbox. Most chatterboxes let me keep on typing and are happy with the occasional grunt or “Wow!” Not Jason. He bumps me on the arm if my attention wanders, and he asks questions – thousands of them – and he doesn’t allow me to answer with a mere “Wow!” And he doesn’t discourage easily.


Pretty. Dainty. Delicate. Bratty when it serves her purposes. When she is good, she is VERY good, and when she is bad she is HORRID.


Cuter than a bedbug, George can really turn on the charm. He can also be a brat. He is visitors’ favourite kid to spoil.


The mildest, least destructive of the bunch. Timid and shy, he talks in a high falsetto voice. Wonderful crinkly smile.


Better known as Ben JA.

This beefy little kid is a clown, sassy, a troublemaker, a dirt-eater, loves to rassle and goof around. The pinnacle of achievement in Dirt Ball misdeeds


Usually has two middle fingers in his mouth. Can be quiet sometimes. Likes being a lap kid—in (sigh) one-minute doses spaced one minute apart.


Can be well-behaved, sweet and cool -- Can also be a bully which results in great and terrible squalling of his victims -- “Shane the Pain”.


This kid is the very definition of noise, screeching, yelling, whooping, crashing into things.

Breakfast time . . .

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britni j said...

oh man. thanks for posting pictures of these kids! they have grown up so much in a year!!!