Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update - 12 March, 2010

We have had a wonderful two weeks with Grady, Karen, and Christin King. Grady did a superb job at last week's "Come Together" meeting for the students and community. There were 14 baptisms and over 30 responses for prayers on Friday and Saturday nights. Christin and Karen have spent many hours with the babies and toddlers at the orphanages and have shared many stories of their adventures.

We are with the Kings in Livingstone this weekend doing "touristy" things. This morning we went to Victoria Falls. I have been to the Falls at least 10 times, but today was a different experience. The rains this year have been plentiful, and the flow of water over the Falls is incredible. The mists are so thick that one can barely see across the gorge, and the spray is torrential--we were completely soaked as we slogged through the water flowing on the bridge and the trails.

So now I have seen the Falls at its driest when there was only a trickle of water flowing and we could walk across the top, and at its wettest in today's deluge, and at many other stages in between the two extremes. Always I am amazed at God's creation!


Mary Ann Melton said...

I am so glad you got to see Victoria Falls at its high and mighty stage! I fancy that the roar that it makes as it goes over the cliff and hits the rocks far below must be incredible. One of the benefits of living somewhere for awhile - you get to see all the "seasons" and phases of the natural world around you - one of God's blessings to you during your time in Zambia!

lodgeman said...

Thanks for choosing Chanters Lodge for your stay in Livingstone! Have a great time in Chobe today!