Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elephant Finale

Some have asked me what happened to the elephants. We talked to Rod and Sue Calder at Seven Fountains Farm and got the full story. The elephants stayed around for two weeks, terrorizing the farm workers and destroying fences. They munched their way through the maize fields, but the crop had already been harvested, so they did little damage there. Rod and Sue said the elephants did not want to be around people and would turn away and go into the woods whenever the vehicle came near. After a couple of weeks, the elephants moved on and haven't been seen since. Rod reported that they did a good job of clearing some brush for him. He wasn't able to get a good photo of the actual animals because they always ran away. The photo above, however, is his souvenir: authentic elephant droppings.

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Mary Ann Melton said...

I remember when gardeners used to go pick up elephant manure when the circus was in town for their gardens - it is supposed to be very rich in soil nutrients. I suspect that the damage from wild elephants outweighs the benefits of the manure.