Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Road to Sichikwalula

Today we traveled to Sichikwalula to do teacher training and a leadership seminar. The next few blogs will be things we saw along the way. The 34 mile trip took us over two hours, so you can imagine the kind of roads we were on. It was another kind of rock and roll experience.

Our first stop was at Eureka to pick up Christine Moono, my translator for the day. Christine had hired four ladies to pound her family's dried maize (corn), and they were working on the porch outside her front door. The lady in the back is pounding the cobs with a long stick to loosen the kernels. The other ladies are rolling the cobs in their hands to take the kernels off. The next step will be grinding the maize into mealie meal, and this process will be done at a nearby hammermill.

The next stop was the filling station in Kalomo where we picked up Sylvia and put diesel in the Land Cruiser. This small truck loaded with riders pulled up next to us. This is a common sight on the roads around Namwianga. How many Zambians can you fit in one vehicle? One more!

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