Friday, June 19, 2009

HIZ Speech Pathology

Harding University sent a group of students and faculty members from their speech pathology department to spend six weeks here at Namwianga. They did speech and hearing screenings at all of Namwianga's elementary and secondary schools and at George Benson Christian College. They also conducted daily language enrichment activities with the babies and toddlers at the Haven. You can read about their adventures on the group blog at Elizabeth, one of the participants, also has a blog at

Program Director Dr. Beckie Weaver became somewhat of a pioneer during Harding's time here. She taught a class on speech pathology to the GBCC first year students--the first instruction of its kind in Zambia as far as we know. The students loved the course and are proud of their attendance certificates. Shown here are a few of the students with Dr. Weaver.

The group arrived in mid-May and will be leaving this weekend. David and I were gone on our furlough most of that time and feel like we missed out on a great experience. The short time we have spent with this group has been a blessing, and we hope the program will continue next year.

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