Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I can't believe it's only three more days until we head back to Zambia! It has been a whirlwind of travel the past two weeks.

We spent three days in Tulsa last week helping Sara pack up and move. She had to be out of her apartment on May 28--the same day that she had to have her final day at the school where she taught. We rented a truck, and David and I loaded everything from her second floor apartment into the truck on Thursday. She came home to an empty apartment, so we turned in the key and set off for Texas.

As with any move, this one involved some sad goodbyes. Sara has lived in Tulsa for five years and has made many wonderful friends. I'll admit that I shed a few tears saying goodbye to her friends--and some of them I had just met! It has meant so much to David and me that there were people there in the church, in her school, and in her circle of friends who could do the things for her that we were too far away to do.

We are enjoying our last few days of being with family and friends. We are making our trips through the discount stores to stock up on the things we can't get in Zambia, and we're trying to finish up all the errands that we have put off during our travels. And my mind is turning toward Zambia, longing to be back in my own bed and to get back into routine--whatever that may turn out to be!

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