Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Exterminator

We returned from furlough and found a major infestation of ants in the kitchen. I had no ant spray in the house, so I used antiseptic for the first round. Then our Zambian friend Obrien recommended hot ashes, so we spread ashes around the outside of the kitchen where the ants were coming in. I used a bleach/water solution to spray the countertops where the ashes wouldn't work.

Don and Laura brought us a sprayer and some ant poison to try, but the stuff was for spraying crops and seemed like overkill for ants. I stuck to the natural stuff. Then we woke up one morning and found the ants had moved their trail right through the living room. Hot ashes to the rescue again--oh the joys of living on concrete floors!

Two weeks later we are still ant-free. Score one for natural pesticides!

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