Monday, March 03, 2008


David is showing off our first crop of bananas. We planted the banana trees right after we moved into our house in September of 2005. These are the typical Zambian bananas--tiny but very tasty.


Sara Gregersen said...

How exciting! Didn't we have a banana tree at our house in san antonio?

David & Linda Gregersen said...

Yes, we did have a banana tree in San Antonio. I can't believe you would remember that since you were only two years old when we left there. We never got any bananas off that tree, though.

JasRandal said...

Those look like what we call apple bananas here in Brazil. Nice and sweet.

dworks said...

Hello Linda and David, We are coming to Zambia in April 08. We would like to bring some articles to donate to your mission. Would this be possible?
Sincerely, Dennis and Heidi Works

David & Linda Gregersen said...

Dennis and Heidi,
We are going to be in the US in April, but if you want to bring items for the Mission, we can connect you with Meagan and Louisa here at Namwianga. If you're coming to Lusaka, we have contacts there with David and Lorie French at Mapepe Bible College. You can e-mail us at