Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update for March 12

Today was Youth Day in Zambia, so there were no classes at the schools. Namwianga Secondary scheduled sports and games all day and invited the Harding group to participate. The Academy fielded teams in volleyball, basketball, netball, and soccer. The girls managed to win their netball game, even though it was their first time to play!

This afternoon most of the students went to the orphanage to say goodbye to the babies and caregivers. Tonight after dinner we had the Merritts and their Eric's House children come over for a devotional and S'mores. A good time was had by all.

On a sad note, baby Whitney died at the orphanage this morning. She was premature at birth and had struggled throughout her two-month life. Last week Meagan had asked the Harding students to give her extra attention, so for her last few days on earth Whitney had been held and loved tenderly. Her short life will leave a lasting impression on the students who came to know her and care for her.

Thursday morning the Harding group leaves for Livingstone. They will see Victoria Falls on Thursday and then go to Chobe Game Park on Friday. Saturday they will head back to America, leaving behind a bit of themselves and taking along memories and changed hearts.

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