Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday with the Boys

I picked up Jason and Bernard Sunday morning so they could spend the day with us. We took them on an outreach to Nazilongo, and this time they both did great—no meltdowns like the first time we tried it. They were worn out from all the excitement and took three-hour naps Sunday afternoon. While they were sleeping, we had our own excitement when I found a cobra on the back veranda. I caught a glimpse of it as I was going in the back door—the snake was hooded and flicking its tongue at me. David kept an eye on it while I went next door and got our neighbor’s son to come kill it. This one was only two feet long. (The last one we killed by the veranda steps was almost six feet in length.)

Meagan, Louisa, and newcomer Diedre Hulvey came over at 4:00 for our second annual egg dyeing event. Jason and Bernard helped us decorate the chocolate bunny cake, although as you can tell from the picture they were a bit overwhelmed. We dyed the eggs using our homemade dye, candle wax, and the ever-handy duct tape to create designs.

It was hard to take Jason and Bernard home after dinner. We are leaving to go back to the US on furlough, so this was the last time I will see them for a while. I managed an extra hug and kiss at the Haven before they ran off to join their buddies, and then I had a lonely ride home thinking about how much I will miss my little guys.

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The Boyd Family said...

I continue to LOVE catching up on your daily life in Africe -- be it sweet little boys, chickens, your latest visitors, or your many outreach efforts. And we all continue to miss you guys here!
Looking forward to seeing you in the coming weeks....