Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Harding Academy Arrives!

A group of high school seniors and chaperones arrived today from Harding Academy in Searcy. We are thrilled to have them here, especially since David's nephew Wil is one of them. They had a relatively uneventful flight and--miraculously--arrived with all of their personal luggage! The only bag missing is one that was full of goodies for Louisa and Meagan. We'll share some of the good stuff we received until it gets here.

Tomorrow morning they'll be going on a tour of Namwianga and get a look at the places where they'll be working during the week they are here. Then tomorrow afternoon we've planned a trip to the market in Kalomo and a visit to Kalomo Hospital where they'll sing for the patients.

One of their ministries will be to play with and love on the babies and toddlers at the orphanage. Meagan has assigned each Harding student two infants and two toddlers to give special attention to. I made sure Wil has my little Jason as one of his!

I will try to post a little bit every day to keep the Harding parents informed about their kids.

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