Thursday, March 06, 2008

Harding Academy, Day 2

The Harding Academy students have had a busy and exciting day. We had originally scheduled them to be at secondary chapel this morning at 6:30, but after seeing how bleary-eyed they were last night, we let them sleep in a little longer. After an 8:00 breakfast, they loaded onto a flatbed truck for a tour of Namwianga. They saw the clinic, the schools, the college, and then they spent some time with the orphans.

This afternoon Louisa had arranged for them to visit Kalomo Hospital. For this trip we had reserved the school's blue lorry (truck). They grabbed the chairs from our front veranda and put them on the flatbed so they could travel in style and comfort.

The students visited two wards in the hospital and sang for the patients who were there. Then they went to the Family Shelter and sang. Next it was off to the market for an introduction to shopping and bargaining Kalomo style.

So far everyone is still healthy--an unusual occurrence for a group of this size. Tomorrow they will spend the morning working with the babies and toddlers at the orphanage. In the afternoon they will visit Wasawange village to get a glimpse of village life.

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