Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Harding Academy Update - March 10

I'm posting the blog late today because we had no electricity for several hours Monday evening. Dinner was already cooked by then, so the only real challenge was washing the dishes by flashlight.

This morning the Harding students worked at the orphanage with the babies and toddlers. In the afternoon they went to Namwianga Basic School and tutored pupils there.

Tonight the guesthouse where the female students are staying has a few extra guests. The girls brought babies from the orphanage to spend the night. It was such a delight to watch them holding and loving the babies this evening. The youngest baby is a tiny one-month-old, and the oldest is Sally, a busy toddler. There are bottles, blankets, and diapers everywhere in the house. The guys have pitched in to help by bringing food to the girls at dinner time, cleaning up the kitchen and dishes, and I even saw one brave guy who will remain nameless carrying a big pink diaper bag back from the orphanage this afternoon.

There may not be much sleeping in that house tonight, but there will be lots of love given and received, and there will be memories made that will last a lifetime.

We continue to give thanks that everyone is healthy and doing well.

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