Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update for March 11

On Tuesday the team had another day of working at the orphanage and tutoring at the nearby school. Tuesday night a singing group from Mutala came and presented a program of their songs.

Wednesday is a Zambian national holiday called Youth Day. The Harding students will be joining the Namwianga Secondary students for sports and games.

No illnesses yet. Mr Harrell, the pharmacist on the team who came along to take care of medical problems, has been blissfully unoccupied with that area and has been busy doing other things.

Parents, you can be very proud of the way your children are pitching in to help with whatever needs done. As we get ready for meals, the two questions we hear are, "What are we having?" and "Can I help with anything?"

They are not complaining about the food, the heat, the work, the frequent power outages, or anything else. We are blessed to have them here.

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