Sunday, March 23, 2008

Training to Teach

These 20 ladies are all second and third year students at George Benson Christian College. In the second term of this year (May - August), they will be doing their student teaching. Many of them will be part of the Northreach effort and will be placed at schools in Luapula and Northern Provinces where they will work with new congregations or help to plant new churches. Several of the ladies will be working with new churches planted in Southern Province. All of them will have opportunities to work with local congregations while they are student teaching.

On Saturday I held a training session with them and showed them how to use the Beginner's Bible to teach children's Bible classes. We discussed ways to use children's classes as an outreach to the community through Saturday Bible School or after school Bible clubs. Each of them received a copy of the Beginner's Bible to take with her, as well as curriculum plans and instructions for activities. Won't it be exciting to see how God works through these talented women?

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