Friday, September 05, 2008

Harding in Zambia

The 21 Harding In Zambia students arrived with us yesterday.  They all seem excited about this adventure.  This morning Louisa, Meagan, and I held an orientation session  to help them learn a few things about living here.  Then they got to tour the mission, including a stop at The Haven to fall in love with the babies.  This afternoon David and some others took them into Kalomo where they had a stop at the market and other sites.  I heard there was at least one marriage proposal at the market, but no cows were offered for a dowry, so it couldn't have been too serious.  Tonight they are attending a Bible study at the Mutala congregation about four miles from here.  They're getting their first live experience of congregational singing in Tonga, and I can guess that they'll remember this for a long time.

One piece of advice I gave them this morning was to keep in touch with their parents!  So HIZ moms out there, I'm doing my best.  For now, be reassured that everyone is healthy and happy so far.  You're welcome to send me questions or ask me to check on your student if you haven't heard anything for a while.  Just write a comment with the instructions "Do not post" in the title or subject line and leave me your e-mail address.  I'll be glad to respond.  

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