Monday, September 08, 2008

HIZ Update - September 8

AfriConnect says they are on their way and should be at Namwianga on Tuesday to get the big internet system up and working.  We shall see. . .

This morning the students met briefly in their different classes to go over the course expectations and outlines.  At 10:00 Louisa Duke called from the clinic saying that a woman was about to give birth.  Kaitlyn, Kinsey, and Sarah headed up there and witnessed the arrival of a healthy baby girl!

Shawn met with the GBCC administrators and got approval for the HIZ students to join the college sports teams.  Those who were interested will start practice sessions tomorrow afternoon.   

I forgot to mention the close encounter with a snake!  Saturday night Alex and Lindsay were walking with me to our house when one of them calmly asked, "Was that a snake?"  Sure enough, our flashlights caught a two-foot black snake slithering just to our right.  Our Zambian friend Austin Siabeenzu stoned it to death before it could get any closer to the houses.  While the girls were hoping that it was a black mamba, Austin assured them it wasn't.  But it was black, and it was a snake, and the girls were remarkably calm through the whole incident.  And the mother in me used the teachable moment:  "Now aren't you glad you had your flashlight so you could see that snake and didn't step on it?"  (We've warned the students not to go out at night without their flashlights!)

Janice Bingham and I are rejoicing that after five days in Zambia, no one has gotten sick yet.  I've seen nothing but great attitudes and happy faces so far.   

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