Thursday, September 11, 2008

HIZ Update - September 11

The HIZ students have settled into schedules and routines of morning classes and special activities in the afternoons. Some went to Kalomo Hospital with Meagan Hawley when she took six babies for checkups and injections. Two of the girls went to Zimba Hospital in the afternoon to check on baby Alex who had surgery this week. They said he was doing well and should get to go home tomorrow.

The power was out most of the day, so no AfriConnect personnel came. Maybe tomorrow?

David and I took Shawn and Donna Daggett with us to Choma this afternoon. Choma is about 45 minutes away from Kalomo and has a large grocery store where the HIZ program buys most of the food for the students. The store had been without power all day and was operating on backup generators. At first the manager didn't think that the meat department could package our 28 pounds of ground beef without electricity, but they diverted one of the generators long enough to work the packaging equipment and got our order ready.

Here's today's grocery list so you'll have an idea of what we needed for the coming week:
28 pounds of ground beef
8 pounds of sausage
30 5-lb. sacks of sugar
12 liters of milk
90 eggs
12 cans of diced tomatoes
20 pounds of cheese
35 packets of ramen noodles
3 pounds of baking powder
5 pounds of carrots
6 heads of lettuce (we had to settle for just 3--that's all they had)
1 box of apples
1 box of oranges
3 gallons of cooking oil

A couple of students have had minor ailments, but no one has been really sick yet. We are blessed.

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