Sunday, September 07, 2008

HIZ Update - September 7

AfriConnect still has not come out to get Harding's internet system up and running, so I'll be posting frequent updates of the HIZ student activities to keep parents and others informed.

Everyone is still healthy, and everyone seems to be adjusting quite well to African life.  Saturday was another busy day.  In the morning the students volunteered to move the radio station equipment out of storage to the new building. Then they went to The Haven where Meagan Hawley assigned a baby to each student.  Meagan plans for the students to help some of the babies who need extra attention in order to develop properly.  It was fun to hear the students talk about their babies at lunchtime.  They've already fallen in love with those little ones.

Saturday afternoon the HIZ students played sports and games with the young people on the mission and had a great time.  

Saturday night Meagan Hawley and Louisa Duke invited everyone to come to their house for a singing devotional.  It was a wonderful experience for David and me to be part of this and to hear their gorgeous voices.  

This morning (Sunday) we attended the worship service here on campus.  In the afternoon some students went back to the Haven and others spent time with young people on the mission.  Tonight the Namwianga community hosted a gathering to welcome the Harding group.  After greetings and congregational singing, the master of ceremonies invited the HIZ group to sing and jokingly announced that they would sing a Tonga song.  Our capable students took the challenge and sang a great version of "Wabota Munzi Waba Jesu" for the very impressed Zambian audience!

We are thoroughly enjoying this new group and look forward to the rest of their time here.  

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ashleyganus said...

thanks for posting all these rinda!! i miss you guys oh soo much. i know you're happy to have new friends at namwianga. can't wait to hear more :)