Sunday, September 14, 2008

Other HIZ News

Some random HIZ news and stories:

Apparently Brandon ended up in Kalomo with some HIZ girls who were shopping for chitenges, the brightly printed, 2-meter lengths of cloth worn as wrap skirts. The girls said that they dragged Brandon into the shop where they spread chitenges out all over the floor so they could make their choices. Poor Brandon was asked to offer his opinions on which of the fabric prints he liked best. I guess this wasn't his favorite Zambian experience, because he later announced, "I'm never going chitenge shopping again!"

There is a pretty serious spades tournament going on.

We made it for eight days without anyone getting sick! Now there are some sore throats and stomach upsets, but nothing too serious. Janice Bingham is great at handling all of the nursing care for the sick ones.

Donna Daggett loves to cook. Chef Leonard takes Sundays off, so Donna does the cooking on Sundays. Her specialty is pasta, and our Sunday lunches are wonderful, authentic Italian dishes.

Lindsay Turk and Cassie spent Saturday afternoon at our house just hanging out. I asked them to share their favorite experience with me. Cassie has loved getting some medical experience taking care of the babies. She went out with the clinic staff on the day when they visited villages for mother/baby care and really loved that. Lindsay reported that Ashley, the baby assigned to her at the orphanage, has made tremendous progress in the short time Lindsay has been working with her. There was some speculation that Ashley was developmentally delayed, but with Lindsay's extra attention Ashley is now pulling up in her crib and trying to babble. Wow! what experiences these girls are having! I hope I have a chance to hear more stories and share them with you.

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