Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update - September 18

I apologize (especially to HIZ parents) for not getting a blog published yesterday. There was no time when there was a convergence of electricity flowing, my brain in gear, and the computer available for use.

The power outages are making our already crazy life even crazier! Yesterday the power was off in the morning while we were trying to get dressed and cook breakfast. It came on for a few hours in the late morning and then went off again all afternoon. We had electricity again for a couple of hours in the early evening, and then off it went again. Some time after I went to bed the power came back on, but it was off by this morning when we were once again trying to get dressed and make breakfast. This uncertainty keeps life interesting!

Monday night the HIZ students hosted their new language tutors. Each HIZ student is assigned a George Benson Christian College student as a tutor. The GBCC student is to help the HIZ student learn the Tonga language and culture.

The HIZ students were in charge of chapel at the college on Wednesday. Josh was the announcer, Jonathan led singing, and Lucas gave the message. They all did a wonderful job, and the GBCC students were very impressed at the way Josh made all of the announcements just like the Zambians do.

Three students went out with Louisa Duke on Tuesday. Louisa is a physician's assistant who coordinates an HIV/AIDS program in four villages. She and a team of Zambians go out to two villages each week to provide medicines, counseling, and testing to HIV positive patients.

I walked by the secondary school on Tuesday and heard a very American voice coming out of one of the classrooms. Lucas was teaching the twelfth grade English class a lesson on writing. Natalie and others have gone to the Basic School (grades 1-9) for teaching experiences there. Others are busy visiting babies at the orphanage and working at the clinic.

I'm off to chapel now. I'll try to write more later is the power stays on . . .

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