Thursday, September 18, 2008

HIZ Update - September 19

David and I found out from Roy Merritt that one of Zambia's major power generators broke down last week. That explains our three-times-a-day power outages and doesn't bode well for any improvement in the very near future.

Thursday afternoon Shawn Daggett took four HIZ students to the Kalomo Hospital to accompany Rodgers Namuswa on his weekly round of visits. Rodgers is a member of Namwianga's Church Development Team, and his ministry includes Kalomo Hospital. The HIZ group visited each of the wards (children's, women's, and men's), stopping to meet and talk with each patient and offer words of encouragement and prayer. Then they went to the Family Shelter and held a devotional service for the loved ones of the patients.

Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. the group is packing up and heading off to Livingstone for a weekend of sightseeing. They'll spend Friday in Livingstone. Then on Saturday they are off to Botswana for game viewing at Chobe Game Park. They'll spend Saturday night camping in the park and return to Livingstone on Sunday. Monday morning the group will tour Victoria Falls and then head back to Namwianga on Monday afternoon. I don't expect to hear from them while they're gone, so the next HIZ update will be late Monday (if the power is on).

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Rob Nossaman said...


Thanks so much for your updates! They are such a blessing and we are hanging on every word. We pray continually for you, David and the HIZ team and the people you are touching.

Rob, Sherry, Kyle, & Davis Nossaman