Friday, September 12, 2008

Power Issues

The power is on and has been on for almost four hours. That's pretty amazing after the day we've had. The power was on early this morning and then went off. Chef Leonard changed the menu for lunch so that he could cook spaghetti outside on the propane burner rather than bake chicken. The power came on, but went off again right before 1:00. It came on again during the afternoon and went off right before supper. Now it's on, but who knows how long it will last this time? We lead an unpredictable life and keep our flashlights handy.

AfriConnect technicians came and worked this morning. They have discovered several parts of the internet set-up are non-functioning and will have to be replaced. It will be several days and possibly a couple of weeks before the system is ready.

Chapel on Fridays is one of my favorite events of the week because the program always features a singing group. Today's male quartet sang four beautiful songs. Another unique feature of Friday chapel is the entire student body singing the Zambian national anthem at the start of chapel.

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