Tuesday, September 09, 2008

HIZ Update - September 9

AfriConnect did not come to work on the internet system today.  It's just as well, because they couldn't have done much without electricity.  The power went off four different times today.  Our much-loved HIZ cook, Chef Leonard, had a terrible time getting meals on the table.  The power was off at breakfast time, so he cooked pancakes outside over the propane burner.  The power came on again for part of the morning, so he started the fried chicken and potatoes for lunch on the electric stove and then had to move them to propane burners when the power went off again.  Thankfully, the power was on in the afternoon long enough to get the taco soup cooked for supper--and then went off at 5:00 and stayed off until 9:00.  Whew!  Poor Leonard told me he had a bad headache trying to keep up with all this.  

Some of the HIZ students went out with Louisa Duke on the HIV/AIDS outreach today.  Others went with Meagan Hawley and Kathi Merrit and took some of the babies to the Kalomo Hospital for checkups and treatment this morning.  In the afternoon, students took off in several directions.  A few were at Namwianga Basic School to meet with the headmaster about tutoring, some went to Zimba Hospital to check on one of the babies who had surgery yesterday, and some worked at the clinic.  It is a blessing to hear all their stories when they come in at the end of the day! 

This morning was the first time that the HIZ students went to chapel at George Benson Christian College.  The GBCC student leader gave them a warm welcome and told them to feel at home.  Beginning next week, the HIZ program will be in charge of the chapel service each Wednesday.   

Everyone is still healthy and happy.  And maybe tomorrow the AfriConnect internet system will be up and running.   


Mary Ann Melton said...

While I know the faces are different this year, I am so enjoying hearing about the Harding students. I can picture in my mind what they are doing, the adventures they will have, and what a rewarding experience they will have with you in Zambia. It brings back the good memories of our stay with you last year!

I will also hope and pray that THIS time you will get the new internet system up and running!

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful for your updates! it's nice to know how this year's group is doing. :)